Are We Born to Write?

There have been questions keeping me from sleep of late and entering my thoughts at the most random moments. I do not know why I panic its not like I have expectations to meet or a deadline to meet. Hell no one even knows I’m writing a blog but I have to wonder are we predestined to do the things we do? Are we born with creativity? Are we born with an innate capability to express  ourselves through various outlets? Do we have a choice?

CAN I LEARN TO BE A WRITER?? …. or is it something that is in you waiting to be discovered?

And if not, is there any hope?

Is it OK that I am looking for word lists on the internet? Or asking ‘how to describe someones personality?’ or ‘how to write visually?’ Is it cheating? Is my imagination not at all what it used to be when I was a kid? Am I simply not able to make what appears in my mind mirror on paper! Am I overreacting?

So many questions . . . maybe I should google it!

What do you guys think?

– S x